7 Awesome Place That You Could Hold Your Dream Event

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There are lots of life events that must be celebrated from baptismal to a wedding to corporate events. Being the host of the party is not a joke. All the burdens will be on your shoulders in that case. But with proper planning, things will be solved right away, even if there is no event planner to be of help to you. The preparation for a birthday party differs depending on the age of the celebrator.

The same thing goes for a debut to a bachelor or bachelorette party to the wedding. A particular event needs a special kind of attention and a special kind of venue too. Your planning and organisation talent should be honed for you to make the event extra special without spending a lot of money. Some things to consider when planning a party is the budget first and foremost. The number of guests who will attend, the venue and weather and the food as well.

Things to consider before you get a venue

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There are certain things that you need to keep in mind before you get a venue. First, you need to have a budget for it. Second, you need to consider the date and the weather if you want a garden or open venue. Next, the activities they offer. Lastly, the feedbacks of the previous clients if they are good or bad.

Venues that must be on top of your list

1. Art Gallery of New South Wales

It is one of the places in Australia that not just offer a special place for event guests, but they also give their guests a chance to understand the Australian culture. They are open for conferences, cocktails, corporate events, family, dinners, reunions, birthdays and others. There will also be tour provided to you upon request.

2. Happs Wines

This is an estate in Australia that contains a natural beauty. The Gardens offer you a breathtaking view. They have an amphitheatre to accommodate over a hundred guests; there is also a formal wine tasting room for adult parties. It is an indoor space that normally holds meetings and other small gatherings. It can accommodate around sixty guests. There is a TV screen and others when you request for it.

3. Chinese Garden of Friendship

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How about this place for a serene and very peaceful life event? This is quite far from the busy Sydney life you normally have. The Chinese Garden offers a Blue Room that is just suited for a small daytime activity along with functions that may accommodate over forty people. This place offers beautiful and very distinct landscapes, beautiful bridges and pavilions too.

4. Darby Park Margaret River

Are you looking for a place that’s unique and serene? The Darby Park Margaret River is not just a perfect place for birthdays or anniversaries, but it is also best for corporate events like team building or weddings. They have an all-purpose boardroom, to make sure that meetings and corporate events will be successful. They have coffee shops, restaurants pools and private balconies to make sure that your stay will surely be memorable.

5. Luna Park Melbourne

Who will ever neglect the Luna Park? It is a theme park that holds any kind of an event. It offers a different kind of party to whoever would like to do their parties here. Out of all the events that you could potentially hold here, kids parties at Luna Park Melbourne are the most satisfying and enjoyable. You and especially your kids will never regret it. They have event spaces wherein the guests will be given different ride access. There are also various attractions to make the party more enjoyable. There is a function room that is overlooking the Port of Phillip, which can accommodate more than 500 guests.

6. Lightspace

This boutique style architecture and a mixture of light space is also a venue for different events. You can book the 660sq/ m space for a big party, and that may also be divided into 2 spaces if you want to. They have a Japanese inspired outdoor terrace for a perfect spot of the city.

7. National Museum of Australia

This place may be a bit historical, full of social sciences and cultural practices too, that is housed in a beautiful structure. But this place offers you a perfect event place with the beautiful and distinct exhibits. You may consider this if you wish to make your event in a different location outside of the norm.

These are some of the places that you can choose from when it comes to a perfect events place for parties regardless if is personal or for a company.